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Provincetown Year-round

Provincetown, Massachusetts is a true melting pot. Located on the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown boasts beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants, art galleries and charming shops. A top LGBTQ destination, this open-minded community celebrates individuality and freedom of expression. Provincetown has a rich creative history and is home to one the oldest continuous art colony in the country. The diverse population of artists, sailors, fisherman, authors, and more, makes Provincetown unique. From Carnival in August to Women’s Week in October and First Light at year’s end, Provincetown is thriving 365 days of the year.

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The Joy of November in Provincetown

November brings to Provincetown one of the biggest and best for our historical little village, Thanksgiving. With the pilgrims landing here first, the Mayflower Compact signed in our harbor, streets named Bradford, Allerton, Brewster, Howland, and Carver to name just a few, we are the very seat of h...
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The Fall is the Best Time to Come to Provincetown!

If you haven’t been to Provincetown in the off-season, you should come for October. The Cape Cod light is extraordinary in Provincetown any day, but in the fall, it is downright striking. Aside from the magnificent light, there are minimal restaurant lines, many stores have sales, the weather is sti...
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