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Provincetown Year-round

Provincetown, Massachusetts is a true melting pot. Located on the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown boasts beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants, art galleries and charming shops. A top LGBTQ destination, this open-minded community celebrates individuality and freedom of expression. Provincetown has a rich creative history and is home to one the oldest continuous art colony in the country. The diverse population of artists, sailors, fisherman, authors, and more, makes Provincetown unique. From Carnival in August to Women’s Week in October and First Light at year’s end, Provincetown is thriving 365 days of the year.

Summer Entertainment

Latest News & Events

Celebrate Pride in Provincetown!

While this May 31st – June 2nd is only Provincetown’s second year celebrating Pride, there are few places in the United States that are a better suited for the celebration. Art installations, dance parties, and a community centered around true inclusion are some of the many things that make Pr...
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A Magical Summer Begins in May

May is one of the most action-packed months of the year for historic Provincetown and with good reason. As warmer weather rolls in, so do the many events that make the cultural experience here on the tip of the Cape so enriching. As the town transitions into high season, art and community blooms and...
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