Some would call us a bit breakfast obsessed. At Yolk, starting your day off right is what we’re all about. Hearty portions, premium cocktails and a perfect cup of coffee – that’s the stuff that makes us tick. Come wake up with us.

Yolk is located at 401 1/2 Commercial Street – right in the middle of Provincetown’s busiest street. With a patio on the front and an ocean view at the back, the views are always guaranteed to be as good as the food.

We’re not talking about some puny little breakfast sandwich. We’re talking about one of those “get the day started right” kind of meals. You know the ones that you order with eyes bigger than your stomach? That’s so good you can’t help but scrape the plate clean? The ones that come with a slap yo’ mama good cocktail and a rich, velvety coffee? Yolk has all of that, with a bonus ocean view.

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401-1/2 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657