Pedal Through Provincetown

Provincetown is the proud winner of the Network category by “Places for Bikes,” and one of the top performing cities in the overall rankings. In Provincetown, biking is one of the most popular modes of transport for people looking to ride around town or down to the beach and back and with good reason. A city where bikes are popular builds its own momentum, as cyclists become a more visible part of the city’s transportation networks rather than the rare minority. New streets and areas become better designed for the existing community and with better infrastructure, this community grows. Rik Ahlberg, Chair of the Provincetown Bicycle Committee, remarks “Riding a bike in Provincetown is a pretty ordinary thing to do, so folks who live here and visit don’t look at it as an unusual activity. That in itself is rather extraordinary for places in the US. I think we often take it for granted since it’s so much a part of our daily lives here.” A long history of cycling in Provincetown has made the hobby another special part of this uniquely enjoyable town. Ahlberg and his team have many exciting events coming up to celebrate this honor from “Places for Bikes” for both local bikers and those just visiting.

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About Provincetown

Provincetown, Massachusetts is a true melting pot. Located on the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown boasts beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants, art galleries and charming shops. A top LGBTQ destination, this open-minded community celebrates individuality and freedom of expression. Provincetown has a rich creative history and is home to one the oldest continuous art colony in the country. The diverse population of artists, sailors, fisherman, authors, and more, makes Provincetown unique. From Carnival in August to Women’s Week in October and First Light at year’s end, Provincetown is thriving 365 days of the year.