Provincetown Rallies for Freedom

Town Vows to Build Bridges, Not Walls


Provincetown, MA – On Monday February 13th the Provincetown Board of Selectmen unanimously adopted a Proclamation upholding the values of equality, inclusivity, respect and dignity. The Town leaders invite everyone who stands for these values to rally against discrimination and recklessness at noon on Monday, February 20th at the Bas Relief Memorial Park in Provincetown.

Home to a large international community of seasonal workers from many countries around the world, Provincetown welcomes everyone seeking the freedom to enjoy their full life’s

Provincetown has a long-standing record of fighting discrimination and advocating for equality and human rights as the birthplace of American Liberty where the Mayflower Compact was drafted and adopted in 1620 preceding the U.S. Constitution. Also, Provincetown was the first small town in America to issue same-sex marriage licenses at its historic Town Hall in 2004. Town Hall, together with the Pilgrim Monument, erected to commemorate the first Landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims, has become a symbol of unity, inclusion, togetherness and liberty.

The Proclamation further reads that climate change is not a hoax, and Provincetown, one of the Commonwealth’s designated Green Communities, will continue to work to protect and sustain the environment to protect future generations, including its Renewable Energy and Zero Waste programs.