Events promise a full-immersion experience celebrating
the transgender community

PROVINCETOWN, MA – In a world becoming more aware of the Transgender Community, Fantasia Fair and its celebrants have journeyed to Provincetown for over four decades for the annual gathering where fun is mixed with practical, social and educational opportunities. This year’s ‘Fan Fair’ returns October 16-23 and promises prospects for friendship, learning, and growth for the entire spectrum of the transgender nation.
Fantasia Fair is an intimate happening promoting a sense of belonging, where no one is excluded and, yet, large enough to welcome new participants every year. Presenters scheduled to appear at the 42nd Fantasia Fair include noted presentations by Jennifer Finney Boylan, Diego Miguel Sanchez, Nick Teich, Dr. Maureen Osborne, Dawn Ennis, Lorelei Erisis, Felice Newman, Sandi Hammond, Trace Peterson, among many others.
The Fair has been held in Provincetown since its inception in 1975. Known as “America’s First Destination,” Ptown enjoys many historic ‘firsts’ including the landing in the New World of the Pilgrims, the first town to officiate gay and lesbian marriages and often rated the top destination welcoming LGBTQ visitors, who revel in the beautiful landscapes and a progressive cultural scene. Gay Cities, Out Traveler and Planet Out have repeatedly named it “Best Gay Resort Town.”
Fantasia Fair, which is part conference and part social gathering, invites its attendees to spend an entire week presenting their gender as they wish. The event attracts male-to-female transsexuals, female-to-male transsexuals, intersexed individuals, crossdressers, and people who are exploring their gender identity from the U.S. and internationally, including Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Hawaii, Japan, Uganda, and Venezuela.
“Provincetown is well known for celebrating individualism and its many manifestations,” said Anthony Fuccillo, Provincetown’s Director of Tourism. “Our history as a LGBTQ and artists’ mecca can be traced back more than a century. Since 1899, Provincetown has been home to the oldest continuous arts colony and in 1916, it is the place where Nobel Laureate Eugene O’Neill authored his first play – establishing Provincetown as the birthplace of modern American theater and a most creative and diverse community,” noted Fuccillo.
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