Provincetown named as one of the Top Green Cities in the U.S.

Provincetown, MA has been recognized for their environmental efforts and now can add “Top Green Cities in the U.S.” to its list of accolades. Many familiar with Provincetown know it as one of America’s premier vacation destinations and point to its progressive culture, celebratory attitude and historical significance.
The “Top Green City” designation is presented by Factory Direct Promos to U.S. cities that have taken measures to ban the plastic bag or implement plastic bag fees.
The award was in recognition of Provincetown prohibiting single-use plastic bags as part of their commitment to a greener, sustainable future. The ban, which went into effect in April 2015, has many benefits including, reducing litter and the town’s carbon footprint while protecting wildlife and marine life. Previously, in 2011, Provincetown was named one of 86 Green Communities in Massachusetts.
There is much to celebrate about the PTown – which has been racking up awards for more then a decade, including, being named the “Best Beach Town” the “Number One Travel Destination and one of the “Happiest Seaside Towns.” 
The Pilgrims knew Provincetown was a special place when they first landed here in 1620, as America approaches the 400-year commemoration of the Pilgrims’ landing at Provincetown, travelers have a special opportunity to follow the route of the first visitors to the new land by journeying to the tip of Cape Cod and discovering the best quaint and historic destination.
Ptown’s warm sands and kaleidoscope sunsets are certainly renewable resources and this eco-friendly Town’s award-winning accommodations offer attractive prices, as Ptown’s renowned shops, galleries and restaurants open their doors to the sidewalks to welcome visitors.
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