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PROVINCETOWN – Throughout history, throngs of visitors have made the trek to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to bathe in the unabashed freedom of the town or experience the adventures of the quaint village known as ‘America’s First Destination.’ Many make the trip to for environmental encounters as eco-tourists or landing up close and personal with art making and procurement, masters of literary works, culinary exploration, innkeeper traditions and photographic adventures, and the nightlife and award-winning entertainers who descend on Ptown every year.
But getting a glimpse into how diversity has been the root of strength for a place with every shade of the LGBTQA community, retirees and spring breakers, dog and pet lovers all wandering up and down one of the best people watching main streets in the world may give you a greater understanding of Provincetown today.

In this Presidential season, candidates need to focus on the facts, so up on social media these fun factoids go and may have the candidates, who think they know most everything, puzzled. Putting oneself in the position of a 2016 Presidential Candidate, see how many answers you think our prospective POTUS might have in her or his knowledge bank.

1.     What is America’s most dog-friendly town, according to Dog Fancy magazine? 
2.     Where did the Pilgrims first land in America in 1620?

3.     What town is the birthplace of modern American Theater?

4.     Where is one of the world’s top ten gay beaches located, according to gaycities.com?

5.     Where was the Mayflower Compact inked?

6.     Where is the tallest all granite structure in the U.S. located?

7.     What town was no. 4 on Expedia’s list of most interesting U.S.


8.     What is America’s oldest continuous art colony?
9.     In what town was the first Whale Watch guided?
10.   What is the gayest town in America per capita, according to the U.S. Census?

11.   What town did Travel & Leisure magazine award three accolades: one of America’s most romantic towns, one of America’s favorite beach towns, and one of America’s quirkiest towns?
12.   What town has been named one of the best gay resort towns in the world by GayCities.com, PlanetOut, and OutTraveler?

13.   What town is known to have the best top flight, big name entertainment outside of Vegas?

14.   What town was number one on Trivago’s list of “2016 US Best Ranked Cities to Stay”? 
15.   What town is known as America’s First Destination?

If you answered Provincetown, MA, each time, you are leading the field!
Provincetown is a destination for all seasons. Visit the town’s award-winning accommodations, relish the town’s eclectic array of restaurants, and experience the endless events and celebrations that make up our diverse community.