by Provincetown Artist Justine Ives

February 11, 2016…Provincetown MA:  The Provincetown Public Library’s first annual Moby-Dick Marathon Reading will proudly feature the original images of local artist Justine Ives.  In preparation for the event, the Library commissioned Ives, a Provincetown resident, to create a series of 8 pieces inspired by Melville’s classic novel.

“Justine’s vigorous work is a visual tribute to the hearty souls who embodied the whaling industry while adding to the canon of illustrations that depict it,” said Library Trustee Stephen Borkowski while reviewing the artwork in January of 2016.  Ives is a professional book designer and illustrator with a Master’s in Sequential Art. She is also art director and co-creator of Bohème Publishing; a small, new independent book publisher based out of Provincetown, Cape Cod. Bohème released its first book, The Keeper, in 2013 and is following up with their second project this spring. This past summer, she coordinated an event commemorating the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which was held at the Provincetown Library.  Her full portfolio is available at

Ives’ imagery will be used across all mediums of promotional materials associated with the three day marathon weekend, and Library visitors will have the opportunity to view select pieces of the series on display in the building during the month of April.  The Board of Library Trustees is currently collaborating with Provincetown businesses to produce merchandise featuring the original artwork to commemorate the inaugural edition of this new Library event.  Apparel, prints, stationery and several other items will be available for purchase as the Library circulation desk and through the Library’s new online store.

Provincetown will join New Bedford MA, Mystic CT, and New York City in celebrating its rich whaling heritage by hosting the first annual Provincetown Public Library Moby-DickMarathon Reading in April 2016.  The Marathon will be the latest entry in a series of new annual events created by the Board of Library Trustees focused on expanding Provincetown’s involvement in national literary, art, and academic communities.  The three-day marathon-style reading of this nineteenth century masterpiece will be held in the Provincetown Library Marc Jacobs Reading Room, and officially begins at 2:00 pm on Friday, April 22.

At its midwinter conference in January, the American Library Association announced the winners of all the major children’s book awards, “the Oscars for children’s books,” as one librarian put it.  The winners are books about bears, buses, drums and dreams, kids of all sizes, genders and abilities. And we’ve got them, so come and get them!