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Provincetown Year-round

Provincetown welcomes a New Year of art, heritage, nature and entertainment! As the days actually begin to get longer, Provincetown is active and ready to welcome visitors for the first “season” of 2018.

Visitors to Provincetown in late Winter and early Spring are greeted with a calming energy from our natural environment. Beaches are certainly cold and not the time for swimming, but photographers, writers and other artists will find the beauty an outstanding inspiration. Dress warmly and stroll the harbor beach and central pier. Be on the lookout for the chance to glimpse a snowy owl, a harbor seal basking in the sunlight or visit those intrepid birds that stay the winter in Beech Forest.

When you need a moment to warm up from the great outdoors, stop into any of the artist galleries where you’ll find artists at work, or drop into one of our eclectic shops. Dining options are sure to include just the right culinary adventure for winter and of course, lodging in our inns and guesthouses have everything you need for a romantic getaway.

For winter hours and a list of what’s open, please visit our local resource.

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