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Provincetown & the Environment

People walkingAn Abundance of Natural Resources

Provincetown is surrounded by an abundance of natural resources that are available to the Town and its visitors. More than half of
Provincetown is comprised of the National Seashore, federally protected animal and bird life, and miles of trails for walking and biking.

Furthermore, Provincetown offers:

  • Authentic and unique experience (quintessential New England Experience and GLBT Experience)
  • History (we have the pilgrim story and the dozen distinctive destination award)
  • Nature (nature walks, dunes, beaches, whales, etc)
  • Outdoor activities (boating, biking and the incredible new bike trails, walking, beaching, etc)
  • Conservation programs (water and energy conservation, recycling program, compost pile)
  • Progressive stance on women and minorities
  • Seasons
  • Public transportation (a car is not needed in Provincetown)
  • Lighthouses and harbor

The following is a listing of Provincetown’s environmental riches:

Provincetown- Eco-tourism.:


Provincetown Eco-Tourism; Provincetown Visitor Services Board from Provincetown Community TV on Vimeo.

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